Talent Competition

A contestant can enter the Talent Show as an individual or in a combination such as a Duo, Trio or Group or as a Magician, Ventriloquist, Juggling act or other .

An Entrance fee to the competition is required from each contestant on application
and confirmation. This is a one off fee and will give them access upon qualification through to the final of the nominated competition and covers administration.

One prize will be allocated to one contestant, the contestant hereinafter being a single person duo trio group or Magician, Ventriloquist, juggling act or other purposely named act for the purpose of this contract.

The contestant must supply the promoters of the Talent Show with a publicity photograph of the act or acts they wish to perform during the heats (We can organise a photo shoot for contestants if required at a cost).

Each contestant must supply backing tracks in the form of Mini Disc, CD, Memory stick
or other format arranged with the promoters, sound engineers prior to their performance on the evening. The Backing tracks must be selected in order of performance on one Mini Disc/CD so that the performance runs smoothly and affording them the opportunity to represent as much professional performance as possible.
In some cases, if a contestant cannot find a backing track that they wish to sing, if they let us know in advance, we can look for the backing track for them through our resources.

When a contestant has (if requires) to wear a number of changes of costume in the course of their act e.g a different costume for each song or item, the promoters will allow that contestant a number of slots throughout the evening which will add up to their total time, giving them the opportunity to change their costumes without holding up the smooth running order of the Show and to some extent relieving them of added pressure that such an occasion can generate.
Contestants are given a maximum of  a 2 minute spot during the first rounds. Contestants may have their slots reduced or expanded at any given time and this will be at the discretion of the organisers.

The Contestants can compromise their act of any content, providing it is not: Offensive, blue, rude, nudity or simulated acts of an offensive nature.

All contestants by entering the Stage-Academy talent Competition assent to the organisers using any recordings of their performance in the form of any media including internet, CDs, Videos, DVDs, Broadcasting in any format for the promotion of the competition.

The Organisers
All contestants by entering the Stage-Academy Talent Competition assent to the organisers of any use of any photographic image of themselves in any form or denomination in advertising or promotion of the competition.

Any person under the age of sixteen years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian or have their written consent to enter the competition. Facilities are available to arrange younger children to appear on an early slot in the competition for the purposes of attending school the next day.

The offer of a contract can be proposed to those winners of the competition who have been trained through the Stage-Academy and possess their own Sound Equipment. They must also be able to perform for a minimum period of 2 x 45 minutes or a very tight and perfected act per show per engagement or contact offered by a third party.

The Stage-Academy organisers reserve the right to offer a contract to any contestant taking part in the competition whether they qualify winners or not.

The Stage-Academy organisers reserve the right to change any format of the competition without prior notice or warning but will endeavour to protect the interests of the contestants in any change that will take place. The organisers reserve the right to change the venue or cancel the competition at any given time and will endeavour to give all contestants prior notice.

If you are ill on the Semi Final or Final and can’t take part, you will lose your place. At Stage Academy we sympathise with such events. If you are still ill and there is no other Semi Final place left, the only alternative that can be offered to you is a place in the next Semi Final of the next Regional Competition. If you are still ill on the next prevailing competition the same rule will apply, whereby we will offer you a place in the Final of the next prevailing competition.

We have professional people involved with the Stage-Academy Talent Competitions and for this purpose we request that no photography or video can be taken with out the permission of the organisers. This is to prevent sub standard and productions being placed on the internet, as the quality can be both detrimental to the organisation and the Contestants Concerned, though it could all be in good faith it could harm their future.

All judges decisions will be Final without any re address, any person found unjustly defaming the name of Stage-Academy or the organisation on Social Networking sites like Facebook, My Space, Twitter or other sites, or any other method of defaming the name of Stage-Academy or the organisation may find themselves exposed to Litigation in a Court of Law.

Any Person or person can be removed from the competition at any time for causing any form of disruption or for none abiding of the Rule and Conditions of the Competition.