Performing arts and Coaching Classes

Dance / Movement
These group classes are essential for any Student with Performing Arts in mind. It not only helps students develop dance and movement skills, but helps them become aware of the space that is around them, which is an essential part of performing on stage, as well as enabling them to work as a team as well as an individual.

Vocal / Drama
Group Singing is a way for young people to express themselves.

MicrophoneOur classes not only help our students to develop their own vocal skills, but helps them become more aware of the bigger picture, whether they go on to have their own stage act or work in musical theatre when Big musical songs can have most impact. Our aim is to teach all our students the techniques that make them successful.

Our teaching methods help to make students gain confidence and when they are ready and confident we encourage them to sing solo parts.

Professional Stage Performance Coaching
12 week classes

This is a professional course grooming you for a career in the Music and Entertainment Industry. We will work with students to create and perfect their personal stage act, where we work on there Vocals, Stage presence, backing material. They will be taught to sing to backing tracks and live accompaniments.

How to stage dress, how to prepare for stage, help with learning lyrics, how to prepare for auditions, promotional material and how to self promote and much more. Amplification and sound (students maybe required to purchase own equipment) i.e. own PA, Mic, CD, MP3, Mixer.
(Price of backing tracks not included) may require more than 12 week course.

One-To-One Personal Coaching Available
Vocal Coaching – Dance Coaching – Drama Coaching

Prices tailored to each individuals needs, requirements and … Budget!