Stage-Academy Day Workshops

Introduction to the Music and Entertainment Industry.
Students will attend one of our intense day workshops which covers many subjects they may come across in the industry.

Covering Subjects like:
Our unique Stage-Academy A B C learning process
(where we work and help with your individual career plan)

A = where you are at present
C = where you would like to get to, and
B = what it will take to get to where you want to be

Other subjects to include:

  • The need for the right Song choice, the Correct Backing in the Correct Key
  • Working and requirements for Cruise work and Theatre and Stage
  • AGENTS : how they operate and the requirements for getting on there books
  • MANAGEMENT : why it is hard and how to get Management
  • AUDITIONS: how to do better at Auditions Creating your own Stage Act
  • Learning Lyrics
  • Preparing for Stage
  • Amplification and Sound

Groups Day Workshops

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