What we teach

Vocal and Performance Coaching

Coaching Sessions include:
Song choice, image, presentation -  ready for your first performance. It also prepares, and improves your chances of progressing through rounds of the Auditions or Competitions. Whether it is a Stage-Academy Talent Show or any other Talent Show or Audition, Stage-Academy wants you to be prepared for all that these entail!

Stage Singer

Studio & Worldwide Skype Lessons and Coaching

Vocal Coaching
Vocal Phrasing. Vocal Exercises, Finding your Key and Vocal Range, Pitch, Rhythm, Diction, Breathing. Basic Musical Notes, Posture, Confidence.

The Stage-Academy can provide up and coming Artistes with an Apprenticeship scheme, where people who are already successful in the business can mentor you for a set period of time, they will teach you the craft. Once you have obtained the necessary level of experience and confidence. You will be encouraged to purchase your own equipment. You will be taught how to use it and set it up, and you will be given a chance to perform at an academy graduation ceremony where you will be presented with a certificate and a graduation award.

Creating your Stage Act
We will help you Create and Perfect your own Stage Act.
It is surprising how many just go and find a few backing tracks that they can sing to and away they go. More often than not they are not in the right key and not of the best quality.
In creating a stage act the first Song is the most important and could possibly become your Signature tune. You also have to remember when singing cover songs that the audience more often than not compares you with the original singer.
We will help Create the Perfect Act for your Voice, Range and audience from beginning to end.

Creative Shows
Some of the Major Companies (Cruise liners, Warners, London Shows, Touring Shows and Theatre) are always talent hunting for quality performers. We can teach individuals (both Singers and Dancers) to the high standards they need to achieve. We can also represent them through our in-house Agency and Management.

Promotional Material
We will teach you how to promote yourself and maximise both your image and your earnings through Website, Photos and Professionally Recorded CDs etc.

Over the years we have gathered a Worldwide network of professional lyric writers and songwriters. With this network we can find the right Song for each individuals needs. Songs specially written for them, be it a song for their Stage Act or Recording. We can also provide tailored Backing Material and Music Arrangements for the Songs.